Fishing campaign launched in time for summer encouraging all of us to use fishing and the outdoors to recharge and explore

Local film and brand agencies partner to create film and photography content for state-wide campaign

Newcastle based brand agency The Brand Pool and production company Rollingball have collaborated to produce film and photography content for the DPI NSW Fisheries ‘Fish for Life’ campaign.

The Brand Pool’s creative and strategy designed the work to promote recreational fishing as an exciting, inclusive, responsible and sustainable activity to grow participation and to break some moulds in the process.

“We needed to shift perceptions of recreational fishing to be more inclusive and reach new audiences,” said Managing Director Lynn Poole.

“This campaign needed to champion the fishing lifestyle, the ethos of getting out there and giving it a go, being in the great outdoors and respecting nature’s playground.”

“We knew the key to attracting new audiences was to appeal to women and families who are already participating in activities like hiking, biking and team sports, and we also wanted Fish for Life to be a rallying call to anglers, promoting positive and sustainable activities and showcasing the initiatives funded by licensing.”

“The strategic approach was to appeal to new to fishing audiences through the idea of ‘Live for adventure’ as they already love the outdoors. For existing anglers we knew their passion for the sport was strong so ‘Live for fishing’ was the creative hook (excuse the pun).”

“We chose to work with production company Rollingball who instantly understood the rich filmic feel we wanted to create for this campaign. They were an ideal fit for us, offering the full package of expert direction, cinematography, shoot production, editing, still photography and methodical project management. We knew we would get the visual and emotive quality we needed by partnering with them.”

“Our Creative Director, Benny Health felt very comfortable collaborating with Paul Donnelly from the initial vision on storyboards, to ideal locations and then what was captured at the shoot. As Director Paul’s contribution was vital and impressive to how the visual side of this campaign has been realised.” Lynn said.

“This campaign was very challenging and rewarding to produce. We filmed in over 20 locations  to find topography that reflected all of New South Wales,” Director Paul Donnelly said. 

“Within the constraints of our filming schedule we achieved most of this with locations in the mid north coast. It required a large cinematic feel so we combined stunning locations with large format digital cinema cameras and prime lenses which allowed us to wrap beautiful landscapes and scenes around the fishing narrative.” 

“Now the campaign is live we hope it inspires all kinds of people to head out,” Paul said.   

This campaign was also featured on Campaign Brief. View is here.

April Howard