Rollingball collaborates with US-based Knit Stars®!

Did you know knitting is great for your health?  It can reduce your heart rate, blood pressure and it relaxes, so the body is more equipped to fight illness! 

Rollingball worked with Knit Stars to produce a film featuring Jacqui Fink and her beautiful knitting designs.

During our recent collaboration with US-based Knit Stars® we learnt about everything knitting, filming a story about one of our very own knit stars, Jacqui Fink.  

It was great to be shooting in Sydney again and back on the tools – and in our happy place. 

Knit Stars® Film Production

Knit Stars® is a knitting emporium based on Tulsa, Oklahoma, but it is much more than that. Over the years, it’s become a community of knitters from around the globe who come together to share their experiences and learn from each other.

The film Rollingball produced, is Jacqui Fink’s journey as a knitter and what the craft means to her. The film is located and accessible within Season 6 of the Knit Stars® Masterclass Event, an online crafting experience.

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April Howard