Meet the crew at rollingball productions | Apri

April Howard

Managing Director / Producer

April is a producer and a founding partner of Rollingball Productions. Her career in screen began as an actor from 1984 – 1995 where she performed in series; BLUE HEELERS, MAN FROM SNOWY RIVER, SNOWY and factual based programs. She then left acting to study business and journalism and worked at NETWORK SEVEN as a reporter before founding Rollingball in 2009. April Produced the social impact short CATCHING DRAGONFLIES and is currently developing a slate of long format independent work and studying for a Masters in Screen Business and Leadership at AFTRS.

Meet the crew at Rollingball productions | Paul

Paul Donnelly

Managing Director / Director / Cinematographer

Paul is an awarding winning Director with 20 years of industry experience. Paul has an emotive aesthetic to his directing, always searching for a connection through his visual storytelling and in-depth character portrayal. Paul has directed commercials and branded content for a variety of brands including The Australian Defence Force, BP, Dell, NSW Health, Westpac, and Glencore amongst many others. Paul is also an accomplished cinematographer and has an arsenal of cameras and lenses to suit every project. Paul’s experience has seen him work throughout Australia as well as extensively overseas. Paul kick-started his career working in the AD department on iconic British productions including Cold Feet, The Bill, Coronation Street, and Northern Lights.

meet the crew at Rollingball

Andy Grieve


Andrew’s passion for storytelling has evolved organically throughout his 10 years in the industry. Initially specializing in the camera department and edit suite, more recent years have seen him in a directing role at RB. Andrew produces the majority of his work currently in the corporate documentary and commercial advertising space. He attempts to bring sensitivity and sincerity to his film making, eliciting an emotive response through his visual style and storytelling. He loves collaboration and engagement with the multi-skilled Rollingball crew which plays an integral part in the execution of his work.

meet the crew at Rollingball Productions

Guy Robinson


With over 20 years of working professionally in the 3D industry, Guy has experience in a variety of different media. From online and console 3D games, architectural and industrial visualization to TV commercial production, it is his attention to detail that allows him to excel in this field. He is a great communicator, both visually and verbally, assisting clients in translating their vision from simply a concept into reality.
Guy is also a CASA certified drone pilot, capturing the stunning vision for the Rollingball team.

Meet the crew at Rollingball productions | Hannah, Photographer

Hannah Rose


Hannah has collaborated with us over a number of years, she brings with her a detailed eye and a passion for the visual impact even the subtlest of images can hold. An outstanding master at her craft Hannah is a visual storyteller of the highest quality.
Her photos have more than just subjects. They create a mood, celebrate a lifestyle, tell a story, and transport the viewer into each frame.
Hannah’s work can be seen in campaigns for Pacific Coast Tourism, Hunter Tourism, RSPCA Australia, Grazia Magazine, ABC, Jetstar, Vodafone, Volkswagon, NIB, Newcastle Permanent, GPT Australia wide, to name a few.

Meet the crew at Rollingball productions | Mitch Cox

Mitch Cox


Mitch is a renowned travel photographer, recognized around Australia and internationally for his style, narrative, and lifestyle. Forever chasing the perfect light, Mitch has a keen eye for showcasing the natural landscape and beauty within the frame. His photographs have been featured in National Geographic magazine and his tourism brand work includes state-wide campaigns for; Destination NSW, Visit Northern Territory, Queensland Tourism, Discover Tasmania, and regional campaigns for; Visit Shoalhaven, NSW North Coast, Kiama, and Townsville Shines. He has also worked with a variety of global and domestic brands, in both still and motion photography. Brands include Corona Australia, HP, Sennhesier, High Sierra, and Furphy.

Sarah Corrigan

Cultural Consultants

Sarah is a proud Darkinjung woman from the Central Coast now living in beautiful Awabakal country in Newcastle. Sarah has been actively involved in the Aboriginal community and practised her culture since childhood. She has participated as an actor in the professional stage production of Listening based on the stories of Darkinjung Elders, worked as a leader in Aboriginal Crocfest an Aboriginal Creative Arts Festival. Sarah was the President of the Gibalee Aboriginal Student Advisory Committee, University of Newcastle, for several years and she is a member of several Aboriginal organisations and has been an Indigenous representative on several government, community and professional boards and committees.

Sarah is a registered Aboriginal Health Practitioner with AHPR and has developed health promotion programs and activities embedded with an Aboriginal world view in collaboration with clients, stakeholders and local community members. Sarah also provides cultural education to non-Aboriginal staff and stakeholders through education sessions. Sarah is accredited in Certificate Four in Training and Assessment.

Audrey Sparks

Assistant Producer

Audrey Sparks joined the Rollingball crew last year, hitting the ground running with her dynamic energy and expertise. Originally from Sydney, Audrey brings a unique perspective to our team. Her production experience, coupled with her passion for impact content and strategy, allows her to seamlessly work across all of our projects, supporting the broader crew. Currently in her final semester of studies, Audrey’s enthusiasm and love for travel, beach, and yoga make her a vibrant addition to our crew.