Rollingball Assists BioCarbon Soil to Build Soil Health with Aussie Farmers

Rollingball loves a creative challenge, so when BioCarbon Soil approached us to create a campaign to promote their soil products and services we jumped at the opportunity! Marketing soil to the farmer market was something we revelled in. BioCarbon Soil work closely with organic recyclers to create high quality and tailored soil products for the farmer market, so we adjusted the brand to reflect this. We collaborated with BioCarbon Soil to create a look and feel that represents leadership, premium-quality, trust, knowledge, sustainability and reliability. In addition, Rollingball created campaign and engagement positioning for thought leadership.

Film production and campaign management BioCarbon Soil
Film production and campaign management BioCarbon Soil

Campaign management and film production

Rollingball managed the launch of the company’s online hub for NSW farmers looking to improve the health of their soils with the use of quality compost. Rollingball produced the engagement strategy, media release and distribution, digital, print and video assets for the campaign, as well as the hub itself.

BioCarbon Soil’s products are some of the best on offer in NSW and Australia. As part of a recent BioCarbon Soil trial, funded through the NSW Environment Protection Authority’s Organics Market Development program, DeBortoli Wines saw a huge improvement in the resilience of their vines, which helped them maintain yields during a bad year.

The film produced for BioCarbon Soil formed part of the campaign to market the soil product to farmers.

Supporting sustainability

In the drought affected 2019-20 season, vines spread with composted mulch maintained 25% higher yield compared to the control rows, which is an extremely positive outcome.
We’re excited about how the circular economy will continue to grow and evolve over the coming years, and so happy to have provided our support for this important project. If you need help with your next campaign or film production, get in touch.

April Howard