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Every brief is unique and with that insight is how we engage each project.
Our roundtable approach allows us to explore endless creative avenues and we recruit the best team for the job, tailoring it to the brief at hand.

BioCarbon Soil


Rollingball loves a creative challenge, so when BioCarbon Soil approached us to create a campaign to promote their soil products and services we jumped at the opportunity! Marketing soil to the farmer market was something we reveled in. BioCarbon Soil work closely with organic recyclers to create high quality and tailored soil products for the farmer market, so we adjusted their brand to reflect this. We collaborated with BioCarbon Soil to create a look and feel that represents leadership, premium-quality, trust, knowledge, sustainability and reliability. In addition, Rollingball created campaign and engagement positioning for thought leadership.

Rollingball assisted with the launch of the company’s online hub for NSW farmers looking to improve the health of their soils with the use of quality compost. Rollingball produced the engagement strategy, media release and distribution, digital, print and video assets for the campaign, as well as the hub itself.

BioCarbon Soil’s products are some of the best on offer in NSW and Australia. As part of a recent BioCarbon Soil trial, funded through the NSW Environment Protection Authority’s Organics Market Development program, DeBortoli Wines saw a huge improvement in the resilience of their vines, which helped them maintain yields during a bad year.

In the drought affected 2019-20 season, vines spread with composted mulch maintained 25% higher yield compared to the control rows, which is an extremely positive outcome.
We’re excited about how the circular economy will continue to grow and evolve over the coming years, and so happy to have provided our support for this important project.

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National Acoustic Laboratories (NAL), the research arm of Hearing Australia, developed the PLUM and HATS, which are a new set of diagnostic tools to identify listening and talking issues in First Nations children between the ages of zero to six years. NAL approached Rollingball to research, develop and execute a national awareness campaign to:

  • Encourage use of the PLUM and HATS tools by health practitioners to assess Indigenous infants.
  • Encourage parents and carers of Indigenous infants to ask for the checklist to be administered.
  • Create a sense of urgency around the use and uptake of the tools.
  • Increase awareness and understanding of the PLUM and HATS tools nationally among health, education practitioners and within the home.

The target audience for this campaign was parents and carers of, and health and childcare workers working with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children under the age of six.

Primary audiences can be broken down into two groups;

  • Practitioners and Professionals (health and childcare workers), and
  • Consumers (parents and carers)

Rollingball researched the target audience to assess the effectiveness of the tools and the most desirable marketing outputs. From this, a layered, timed and consistent approach was recommended.  Multiple marketing channels were selected specifically targeting each audience group.
​In collaboration with their cultural consultant, Rollingball developed relevant and engaging messaging and branding which resonated and created a sense of urgency.
​Engagement and marketing strategy included EDM, social assets, TV, radio, media and PR campaign, and a comprehensive website with a training portal and online options for the PLUM and HATS tools. Rollingball consulted with a cultural consultant at every level of planning, creative design and message development to ensure cultural appropriateness and optimum outcomes.

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On Your Bike


Rather than create a campaign that focussed on the relationship between cars, pedestrians and cyclists, we decided to promote the use of shared pathways through a cultural change campaign. To encourage the community to get on their bike! This was implemented through a cross section of media including television, billboards, traditional print and social media. The campaign was a huge success and reached a local, national and international community and Rollingball was the recipient of a national ATOM Award for best screen commercial. Through the Council’s post on Facebook alone, the commercial was viewed over 85,000 times in the first month and the comments encouraged good reason to be proud of our work and evoke a sense of pride in our city.


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Little Aussie Battlers


Rollingball tackled this brief by first developing a new narrative and brand around the Flying-Fox; one that seeks to change perceptions and shine a light on the amazing work Flying-foxes do for our environment. Becoming the Little Aussie Battlers of our Great Australian Bush. This narrative was adapted to a communication framework of messaging skewed to a variety of audiences at different times of the year to run alongside the Flying-fox migration and lifecycle. Little Aussie Battlers has been an incredibly successful campaign with many councils and regions adopting it.

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Risk v Reward


Risk V Reward. That’s the message that was crafted to connect with everyone on site at Liddell Coal Operations. No matter what their job is, or who they report to, everyone can make the wrong call and everyone has a reason to remain injury free at work. With so many moving parts and repeated incidents on site, we worked with the safety managers to design a campaign that would remain front-of-mind and have a real and lasting impact. Since the campaign launch, the site has seen a drop in incidents and site managers continue to implement this timely communication piece to drive-home the significant message.

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We understand a story can be told in a single frame and some of our clients need still imagery instead of moving vision, so we partner with a small group of highly skilled professionals who align with us. Sometimes we work along-side each other on the same collaboration.

Award Winning Photography


Hannah has collaborating with us over a number of years, she brings with her a detailed eye and a passion for the visual impact even the subtlest of images can hold. An outstanding master at her craft Hannah is a visual storyteller of the highest quality.
Her photos have more than just subjects. They create a mood, celebrate a lifestyle, tell a story and transport the viewer into each frame.
Hannah’s work can be seen in campaigns for Pacific Coast Tourism, Hunter Tourism, RSPCA Australia, Grazia Magazine, ABC, Jetstar, Vodafone, Voltswagon, NIB, Newcaslte Permanent, GPT Australia wide, to name a few.

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Award Winning Photography


Mitch is a renowned travel photographer, recognised around Australia and internationally for his style, narrative and lifestyle. Forever chasing the perfect light, Mitch has a keen eye for showcasing the natural landscape and beauty within the frame. His photographs have been featured in National Geographic magazine and his tourism brand work includes state-wide campaigns for; Destination NSW, Visit Northern Territory, Queensland Tourism, Discover Tasmania and regional campaigns for; Visit Shoalhaven, NSW North Coast, Kiama, and Townsville Shines. He has also worked with a variety of global and domestic brands, in both still and motion photography. Brands include Corona Australia, HP, Sennhesier, High Sierra, and Furphy.

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