We are proud to announce this year we are sponsoring the Westpac Rescue Helicopter Service’s annual Rescue Ball. The Ball continues to be the largest annual fundraiser for the Service and tickets have already sold out, which is an amazing show of community support.

The support is an opportunity for Rollingball Productions to give back to the community-funded Service that helps those in their hour of need.   Being based in the Hunter region, it may be one of our staff members who are helped by the Service one day.

Rosalynd O’Shannassy, from Marks Point, thought she would be the last person to be assisted by the helicopter. On October 29, 2014, twelve months after she had innocently held a fundraiser for the Westpac Rescue Helicopter Service, Rosalynd suffered an aneurysm in her home at 3am.

She arrived at the John Hunter Hospital in an ambulance, however the neurosurgeon was on holidays and after two or three hours it was decided she needed to be flown to Sydney’s Royal North Shore Hospital.

She calls those involved in getting her to Sydney safely her “heroes” and only has limited memories of the flight.

“I remember waking up to see the roof of the helicopter, the shadow of the blades, and then a man’s face and he said we’re going to give you some oxygen. And that’s all I remember.”

After her experience, Rosalynd now makes the most of everyday and aims to set up a support group for others who continue to suffer from aneurysms.

We’d like to think that we might be this lucky one-day if we need it.

The Service is free to the community and with our support; we’re helping to keep it that way.

To donate or get involved in an up-coming event, go to: rescuehelicopter.com.au

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