Through our screen production and distribution company Rollingball Pictures, we have been working on a project which is very close to our hearts and will, hopefully, make a difference to many Australian lives! Indigenous Australians have the poorest ear health on earth. The ear health condition Otitis Media (OM) is at fourth-world status within the Indigenous Australian population. The on-flow effects of this condition can be crippling to individuals, to families and to the oldest culture on earth. This is not right, especially considering the condition OM, that can cause life-long problems, is preventable.  Something more needs to be done.  That’s why we’re making the documentary Catching Dragonflies which will educate and build awareness about how effected Indigenous Australians are suffering, what OM is and how it can be prevented. Please watch the trailer and consider the future of those suffering from the effects of this disease, their families and consider what this means to the oldest culture on earth.

You can help by going to our GoFundMe page and donating or even just by sharing this link with your friends on social media  

The funds raised will go towards the production of a full-length documentary.  Thank you for getting behind this project and helping us throw a pebble in the pond. There is a lot of great work being done by incredible people but more has to be done. They need our support and so does every Australian.

Paul and April


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